Software Downloads

Host Side Software

Latest releases are on github, please contact D-TACQ for details

  • Current 4G CSS GUI ACQ400CSS github
  • 4G HAPI : "Host API" or "Host ACQ Python Interface" | hapi package | doc


  • Current 4G release acq4xx-607-20180503135345.tgz
    • sha1sum acq4xx-604-20180419134219.tgz
      9105012b8ab9278fb6456a62569b685ced44d703 acq4xx-604-20180419134219.tgz

Device Drivers

  • ACQ2106/AFHBA: Host side device driver for ACQ2106 fiber-optic streaming/llcontrol afhba-1509012008.tgz


The vast majority of the microprocessor firmware deployed on ACQ400 series products, and all of the host-side drivers and applications are licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 2.
Unfortunately it's not feasible to provide all the sources on this website, but D‑TACQ will supply a DVD containing the sources to anyone who applies by mail enclosing a cheque for GBP10 on a UK bank to cover our costs in producing and mailing the DVD.