16 Channel Simultaneous Oversampling Digitizer with Differential Input

Differential inputs are preferred for taking sensitive analog measurements in noisy environments. ACQ482ELF achieves excellent noise immunity by combining a quality differential front end with an oversampling ADC. The module is typically used for bandwidths 1..10MHz, but the ADC may be clocked at 80MSPS, and, combined with two-stage FIR digital filters, allows the signal bandwidth to be closely defined. Out of band signals are eliminated by the filter. The filters are provided with a selection of stock characteristics, or users can program one or both filters with custom coefficients.

  • Double site unit, fit up to 3 modules, 48 channels per ACQ2106 chassis.
  • Front end bandwidth: 10MHz, maximum input voltage range: +/-10V
  • Choice of front panel connectors:

    • VHDCI, with 16 channels, pin compatible with BNCPANEL16, PTBPANEL-S2..
    • Quad RJ45, 4 channels per connector, use STP cable for best screening.
  • Replaces older 2G Products:

    • Replaces and upgrades ACQ216 : 16ch x 10MSPS => 16ch x 20MSPS
    • Replaces and upgrades ACQ132 : 32ch x 2MSPS => 32ch x 10MSPS