Module Carriers

Model Description Example System
ACQ1001Q 1 site FMC/ELF carrier ACQ1001Q+ACQ435ELF-32
Compact rackmount box with 32 channel input
ACQ1002R 2 site FMC/ELF carrier ACQ1002R+ACQ420FMC+AO420FMC
4 channel input, 4 channel output
Small rackmount unit with input and output.
Option to fit disk drive to run offline.
ACQ1002S 2 site FMC/ELF carrier
Long, Narrow, Compact
example 40 channel input
Ideal for use in a fish or pig
ACQ1014 2 site FMC appliance ACQ1014
19-inch 1U appliance with 18BNC on front panel, 2GB DRAM, 16 channels x 80MSPS
ACQ2106 6 site ELF carrier
opt. fiber comms
opt. 8GB DRAM
ACQ2106+4xACQ425ELF 64 x 2MSPS streaming data system
Large channel count, rackmount system.
Up to 192 channels in 1U, Gigabit Ethernet,
optional streaming continuous full rate data on SFP+ fiber-optic links.

All carriers feature a low-power System on Chip with dual-core ARM processor, running Linux and providing Gigabit Ethernet connectivity.

Product definition subject to change. Please contact D‑TACQ for latest details and availability.