Oceanographic Radar/Sonar Controller

New product provides a complete Radar/Sonar controller in a stack.

Radar/Sonar clock generation module "RADCELF" plugs on to an ACQ1001 module stack to make a complete system, enabling a new generation of frequency-modulated continuous wave (FMCW) radars and sonars with smaller size, lower cost, lower power dmeand and uncompromised performance.
eg pictured product comprises:

  • RADCELF Triple DDS controller for all local clock generation, control to the micro-hertz
  • ACQ435-32 32 channels simultaneous 24 bit digitizer
  • ACQ1001 intelligent controller with choice of Ethernet or USB output.

The RADCELF triple DDS unit is a COTS module for complete signal generation, featuring

  • Support for local oven controlled oscillator with temperature stabilization.
  • 3 x AD9854 DDS units, 48 bit tuning word resolution, I+Q outputs and many operating modes.
  • Output filtered by user-selectable SMD filters (Mini Circuits recommended).
  • Flexible clock routing using soft switchable clock dividers.
  • Completely software programmable, with critical lines controlled by FPGA to facilitate complex timing scenarios
  • Additional slow IO and USB2 port for expansion
    eg support for GPS ONEPPS time sync.
Typical scenarios
8 antenna, 16 complex channel HF radar ACQ1001+ACQ435-16+RADCELF (shown)
16 antenna, 32 complex channel HF radar ACQ1001+ACQ435-32+RADCELF
Expand to 96 channel chain additional ACQ1002+2xACQ435ELF-32 unit
High bandwidth for active sonar, 500kHz, 32 channels x 1000kSPS substitute ACQ424ELF-32
High bandwidth for microwave radar, 1MHz, 16 channels x 2MSPS substitute ACQ425ELF-16-2000
High bandwidth for microwave radar, 25MHz, 8 channels x 50MSPS substitute ACQ480ELF