A traditional PXIworld system typically comprises a rack full of small low channel count cards and a Pentium based System Slot Controller. While D‑TACQ ACQ196CPCI and ACQ216CPCI cards can work just fine in this scenario, the onboard intelligence and integrated logic enables other configurations, frequently with improved cost effectiveness and size:

Standalone Ethernet Appliance

ACQ216CPCI and ACQ196CPCI are able to act independently of the Compact PCI backplane, with control and data upload taking place over the integrated Ethernet. The cards can be dropped into an existing system, and make use of existing backplane reset, clock and PXIworld signaling, without any requirements for a driver on the system slot card at all. System integration is a matter of familiar, high scaleable Ethernet networking. In fact, a system slot card is no longer needed to operate a system with ACQ2xx cards. Combined with the high channel density, this enables highly compact, cost-effective applications.

  • eg 1U, 2slots, 2 x ACQ196 - 192 channels in 1U.

System Slot Capability

ACQ216CPCI is able to act as a system slot controller, and provide clock, reset and PXIworld compatible signals to other ACQ196CPCI/ACQ216CPCI cards in the rack.
ACQ196CPCI takes this further - we have successfully deployed ACQ196CPCI in the system slot, with third party cards in other slots, and controlled these cards using the standard Linux device driver, cross compiled for the ARM processor. Tested use cases include:

  • ACQ196CPCI - ACQ216CPCI system slot card enumerates and identifies ACQ196CPCI peripheral cards.
  • GE-FANUC CP238 dual PMC carrier, gigabit ethernet - added gigabit ethernet capability to ACQ196CPCI.
  • GE-FANUC CP238 dual PMC carrier with embedded disk drive - added disk drive storage capability for long-term remote logging application using ACQ196CPCI
  • Third Party high density DIO card cp7452
  • Third Party clock and trigger sync card.
  • Multi Port serial IO - control of multiple serial IO lines from host computer.

Ability to host peripheral cards means that, provided an Open Source Linux device driver is available, in principle ACQ196CPCI can be used in a small compact system in conjunction with any of hundreds of network, control and storage functions accessible via PMC and CPCIworld modules.