High Performance Data Acquisition on MTCA.4

The D‑TACQ range of simultaneous DAQ modules is now available on MicroTCA. ACQ400-MTCA-RTM2 is a MTCA.4 compatible RTM, with two module carrier sites. The sites are suitable for all of the D‑TACQ range of "ELF" modules and most of our range of FMC modules. The RTM is available in conjunction with KMCU, a new AMC module developed by Korea National Fusion Research Institute.
KMCU features a powerful ZYNQ 7030 SOC, and is fully software compatible with the complete software ecosystem offered in our range of data acquisition appliances.
The standard software suite includes an embedded EPICS IOC for control and data access on Ethernet; Data streaming on SFP fiber-optic is also supported. Data streaming on the PCI-express backplane is in development.

The RTM supports up to 64 simultaneous ADC or DAC channels.

The RTM pinout conforms to the standard Z3 D1.0 from DESY.

New DAMC-FMC1Z7IO from DESY Tech Lab supports ACQ400

Example configurations:

  • KMCU+ACQ400-MTCA-RTM2+2xACQ424ELF-32-1000 : 64 channels, 1MSPS
  • KMCU+ACQ400-MTCA-RTM2+2xAO424ELF-32 : 64 channels DAC, 1MSPS
  • KMCU+ACQ400-MTCA-RTM2+ACQ424ELF-32-1000+AO424ELF-32 : 32 simultaneous AI, 32 simultaneous AO
  • KMCUZ30+ACQ400-MTCA-RTM2+ACQ424ELF-32-1000+AO424ELF-32 : 32 simultaneous AI, 32 simultaneous AO
  • DAMC-FMC1Z7IO+ACQ400-MTCA-RTM2+2xACQ424ELF-32-1000 : 64 channels, 1MSPS

D‑TACQ manufactures a range of off-the-shelf high performance data acquisition hardware modules and systems. The systems are highly programmable and can be adapted to meet many requirements.