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Device Drivers

RTM-T using kernel 3.10.33-rt32.33

Continuous streaming to PCI-Express using RTM-T rtm-t-hostdrive-1503051226.tgz

wget;chmod 777 rtm-t_install
./rtm-t_install ACQ2XX_API.201408250856.tgz rtm-t-hostdrive-1503051226.tgz


The vast majority of the firmware deployed on ACQ196CPCI, ACQ216CPCI, ACQ164CPCI and ACQ132CPCI, and all of the host-side drivers and applications are licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 2.
Unfortunately it's not feasible to provide all the sources on this website, but D‑TACQ will supply a DVD containing the sources to anyone who applies by mail enclosing a cheque for GBP10 on a UK bank to cover our costs in producing and mailing the DVD.