dt100rc FAQ

  • What is dt100rc?

    dt100rc is the "Remote Control" gui application for controlling networked digitizers ACQ216CPCI, ACQ196CPCI, ACQ132CPCI and original dt100 systems. We use it all the time for testing and visualisation, so we recommend using this application at least initially to quickly get up to speed with capturing and viewing data.

  • What does it cost?

    Nothing: dt100rc is available free of charge.

  • So it's just a toy?

    Not just a toy, dt100rc is easy to use, and it is also deployed in serious applications, it is particularly good for controlling continuous data streaming via Ethernet. dt100rc is very extensible - either by us, or by users, source code is supplied. Dt100rc makes use of extensive scripting and remote automation hooks, allowing multiple cards to be controlled by multiple dt100rc instances concurrently. It works well, and it looks good:

  • What Operating Systems will dt100rc run on?

    dt100rc is a Java application. We've tested it on Linux, Windows XP, MAC OSX

  • What Java runtime do I need?

    Must be the Java5 JRE Update 6 or better.
    Java 6 (1.6.0) works well

  • Why does my dt100rc take so long to connect?

    This is a networking issue. Java5 decided to do a reverse DNS lookup on every socket connect. Regardless of whether the IP is specified by name or by IP address. So, if the target IP address didn't have a reverse DNS record, this would take a very long time. This behaviour has been corrected in jre-1.5.0_06 so we recommend that you use this version or later.

  • How do I get it to work on the Mac?

    The default JRE on MAC OSX is 1.5. No problem to install Java 1.6, but it will not be the default. This is easy to fix:
    Install this Java for Mac OS X 10.5 Update 1 Then copy this script to the RC directory and run it to launch dt100rc.

  • How do I install Sun JRE on Fedora?

    Try this link