Precision network timing, user programmability.

New Product HFBRPANEL-16 provides 16 channels of "Versalink" POF output in 1U. Together with the ACQ2106 DAQ Appliance, and DIO482-16 module, this provides for a powerful programmable pulse generator, building on the TIGA concept, with more pulse output channels.

  • HFBRPANEL provides 16 Versalink POF outputs in a convenient rackmount 1U format
  • HFBRPANEL is driven by module DIO482-16, providing 16 fast digital control lines and also provides power to the panel.
  • DIO482-16 is mounted in an ACQ2106 DAQ Appliance, with PG16 FPGA functionality and White Rabbit support.
  • The White Rabbit support provides distributed clock and trigger, with trigger times compared between units to within ~1nsec.
  • The PG16 function provides a programmable 16 output pulse generator. The PG is driven by a hardware State Transition List engine.
  • The ACQ2106 system loads STL definitions as simple ascii files, and the STL will play out on trigger at a clock rate 40MHz, tied to White Rabbit.
  • The PG runs in one of 3 modes, ONCE, LOOP and LOOP_WAIT.
  • Triggers are generally delivered by WRTD (White Rabbit Trigger Distribution), but local hardware, soft and cascade triggers are supported.
  • An ACQ2106 with 6 sites can support up to 6 PG 16 functions, each with their own independent STL and trigger.
  • Mixed systems are supported, eg 3PG16 and 3ADC32 with eg ACQ424ELF.

  • White Rabbit timing included.