Customised Experimental Diagnostic

D-TACQ ships a customized Pulse Counting Appliance for use on a Synchrotron Light Source. This is the first shipment for the new ACQ1102 carrier.

  • The Pulse Counting Appliance features:

    • 5 channels of fast SCALER/COUNTER, with count rates up to 100MHz.
    • 8 channels of 24 bit ADC
    • 1 bit of digital input.
    • 2 bits of pulse shaped digital output.
    • All data is streamed on Ethernet at 125kSPS, including check values and White Rabbit timestamps.
    • The entire system is controlled by the on-board EPICS IOC. Count values are presented instantaneously as EPICS PV's, and well as being embedded in the time-series data stream. Pulse output shape (delay, flat-top, polarity, repetition) is all controlled from EPICS.
  • ACQ1102 is a new low-cost 2-site FMC/ELF carrier appliance.

    • Same compact 1U x 152 x 220mm formfactor as ACQ1002R.
    • Replaces ACQ1002R, but provides an updated ZYNQ 7030 FPGA, including:
    • Two module sites, factory configured as:
    • ELF, ELF - for maximum payload with larger D-TACQ modules, including the ACQ482 dual-site module
    • FMC, FMC - the FMC is a full Vita57 LPC implementation, allows 3rd party modules; in this system, the fast Digital Input module is a CERN OHWR design.
    • FMC, ELF - mixing and matching is allowed.
    • 2 x MGT links on SFP, offering PCIe/Aurora streaming capability, Hardware UDP at 1GB wire rate and White Rabbit timing.