16 Channel Network Oscilloscope

ACQ1014 is complete 16 channel networked oscilloscope.
The powerful unit captures 16 simultaneous channels at 80 MSPS, with capture lengths to 40 MSamples/0.5s.
The unit combines 2 x ACQ1001+ACQ480ELF DAQ appliances, providing convenient signal access on isolated BNC connectors on the front panel.
Includes a clock and trigger distributor that ensures that all channels are simultaneous. The clock distributor also supports fan out to another 4 boxes, making it straightforward to set up clusters of 80 simultaneous channels.

Unit is fully controlled by internal EPICS IOC and supports live scope displays using the free, portable cs-studio.
Unit may be remotely controlled using simple TCP/IP command/response, comprehensive Python API provided as source code.

  • Compact rackmount 19 inch x 1U networked DAQ appliance.
  • Convenient BNC inputs on front panel.
  • Captures 16 simultaneous ADC channels at 80 MSPS per channel
  • ADC resolution 14 bit, with many signal processing options, including
  • User selectable FIR Filters, Programmable Gain.
  • Programmable 50 Ω attenuation.
  • Transient suppression on signal inputs.
  • Front panel CLK and TRG.
  • Delay trigger feature.
  • Repeating pulse generator trigger feature.
  • Live free running display.
  • Live scope display with variable delay.
  • Live Spectrum analyser display with variable smoothing.