ACQ32PCI 32 Channel Simultaneous PCI Digitizer

Please consider using ACQ424ELF .. faster, cheaper, smaller.

The ACQ32PCI is full length PCI intelligent data acquisition board providing 32 channels of simultaneous Analog Inputs at 250 kHz, 16bit and a 2 Channel 1 MHz 16bit simultaneous arbitrary waveform generator. The board also includes 8 general purpose Digital I/Os and an addressable 16 bit bus for control of external modules. The board offers excellent AC characteristics with onboard calibration for DC accuracy. The ACQ32PCI is an Intel StrongARM™ based board with up to 128 MBytes of onboard sample storage offering deep transient recording capability. The board offers pre and post trigger capture modes either from a digital trigger or from an analog level trigger from any of the analog inputs. The digitizer also offers a Master DMA mode for low latency data acquisition directly into host memory. Digital Clock and trigger inputs are available on the front panel.


The onboard intelligence results in a very flexible design that is able to act both as a transient recorder, a streaming digitizer and in low latency control loops.

Key typical performance characteristics for simultaneous Analog Input channels
Coupling DC Single Ended
Input Impedance Factory Set 100 kOhms
Voltage Range ±10V
Offset Error <0.005%
Gain Error <0.01%
THD -90 dB
SFDR 100 dBc
SNR 86 dB
Crosstalk (3 dB) <90 dB @ 1 kHz FS Input (200 kSPS)

Download ACQ32PCI DataSheet for more detail.