ACQ465ELF High Speed Delta-Sigma ADC with extremely high SNR

  • Range of modules with simultaneous delta-sigma ADC
  • All modules use the AD7134/AD4134, quad channel device with 24 bit resolution
    • High Sample Rate in 24-bit mode: to 374 kSPS/channel.
    • Higher Sample Rate in 16-bit mode: to 1000 kSPS/channel.
  • Very High SNR
    • Up to 120dB (32kSPS)
    • 106dB (374kSPS
    • 98dB at 1MSPS
  • All inputs high impedance differential.
  • Front panel choice: VHDCI or flex FFC.
    • VHDCI compatible with range of terminations.
    • FFC compatible with D37 Front Panel.
    • FFC is the best connection for custom in-box signal conditioning.
Model Description
ACQ465-32-HR : High Resolution, Highest SNR
ACQ465-32-HR-4V +/-4V input
ACQ465-32-HR-8V +/-8V input
ACQ465-32-HG : Instrumentation Amplifier, High Gain
ACQ465-32-HG004 G=4, range=+/-1V
ACQ465-32-HG040 G=40, range=+/-0.1V
ACQ465-32-HG400 G=400, range=+/-0.01V
ACQ465-32-HGggg Custom Gain, 1..999

Product Specification