Large Scale Distributed Oscilloscope

D-TACQ shipped a large scale distributed oscilloscope using White Rabbit distributed timing to the ISIS Neutron and Muon Source. The system is intended to replace analog scope signals used in the machine control room, replacing obsolete equipment and allowing the possibility to use the data for Machine Learning.

  • System comprises 12 units, each 48 channels, 10MSPS/channel.
  • The units are seen here in crate on test, but are intended to be distributed about the plant.
  • In operation, the units are triggered at 50Hz, and data is streamed to a computer with minimum latency.
  • Data streaming is on fiber optic cable, and the 12 links are connected to the computer using 3 D-TACQ AFHBA404 PCIe adapters.
  • System test including streaming and validating incoming data at over 1 gigabyte per second over a 24h period.
  • All units are synchronised using White Rabbit timing, and each data set includes timing information for data reconstruction.