ACQ2206 6 site ELF carrier

ACQ2206 is an updated version of ACQ2106, with the same front panel with payload up to 6 ELF sites, 192 channels. Fast serial comms links are upgraded from 6 to 10Gbps, the comms module is larger and the a.c. mains power supply is now inside the case. The basic unit ships with a passive SFP cage comms module, and the principle upgrade will be to increase the Hardware UDP Ethernet channel from 1Gbps to 10Gbps. A future upgrade will be MGT508, an active comms module with FPGA and 16GB DRAM.

  • 6 site ELF carrier.
  • Up to 192 channels in 1U.
  • Large channel count, rackmount system.
  • Gigabit Ethernet 1000-T.
  • Optional fiber comms:
    • streams continuous full rate data on SFP+ fiber-optic links.
    • streams data to UDP on 10G Ethernet.
  • Optional 16GB DRAM extension.
  • Includes White Rabbit precision timing.
    • Allows ACQ2106 boxes to synchronize at a distance, and
    • Allows for efficient clusters of tightly synchronized boxes.
  • Local box synchronization using a timing highway 4 way fanout.